Thursday 18 October 2012

New Building: Weeks 30 and 31 - Roof tiles

After a slight delay while the lightning conductors were put in, the roof is now nearly finished. Here you can see the insulation in place:

A view from the top floor bedroom...

And here are the actual slates going on:

This next photo is taken from the top floor landing, as if we'd just come out of the lift. The new outer wall of the staircase and landing is one of the last bits of external brickwork left to do.

Turning round, you can see that the lift shaft is nearly at the top. When it is finished, it will be the highest point of the new building.

Meanwhile, in the library, the new brickwork where the old window used to be is done. We had to divide the window up so that we could put in the library gallery. The new bricks give you an idea of the height where that will be.