Thursday 26 July 2012

Dedicated Gifts: Sponsor a bedroom

For the past few weeks, we have been giving our Mass-goers a chance to sponsor individual items to make up the £50,000 needed to build the new Parish office. We have had a very generous response, so we are now ready to announce that we have reached that target and are ready to move on to the next room.

The next room is the larger first floor bedroom, or Nido 1. (The word nido comes from the Italian for nest.) You can read more about why we are building these rooms on our New Accommodation page, but the short answer is that the house is full!

Here is the current view of Nido 1:

Below is a preview of the poster that will be put up on the church noticeboard this weekend. (Click it to see the full size version.) It is based on the architect's plans for the new building, and gives you an idea of what the new rooms will look like.

The total we will need to raise before moving on to the next room is £70,000. (We haven't included the bricks on this poster — read about brick sponsorship here.)

Of course, you can always sponsor a bedroom as a whole, for £70,000.

To sponsor an item on the poster, either e-mail us,, contact us by phone or letter, or speak to one of the Fathers in person.

Remember, all benefactors have Mass said for them weekly, and are prayed for daily by the Oratorian community. You can also choose to keep your donation anonymous, if you prefer, or make it on behalf of a friend or family member.

Here is a complete price list for the room:

Walls: 1000 concrete blocks£20 each
Bathroom extractor fan£50
Towel rail£200
Roll holder£20
Shower tray£2000
400 bathroom tiles£8 each
Bathroom cupboard£200
Bathroom cupboard doors£100
Bathroom cupboard shelves£80
Drains and plumbing£3000
Door handle£20
Electrical wiring£1000
Internet Connection£800
Telephone line£800
8 sockets£40 each
1 pot of white paint£25 each
4 pots of coloured paint£25 each
Bedroom light£60
Bedroom light switch£40
Bathroom light£60
Bathroom light switch£40
Smoke Alarm£100
Wardrobe doors£100
Wardrobe shelves£80
20 Floorboards£90 each


Last weekend, some of our volunteers started selling bricks after Masses.

They have already sold 671!

The bricks cost £1 each. If you missed out last weekend, don't worry — the stall will be outside for the next nine weeks.

The building work on the new accommodation, Parish centre and library will use 17,000 bricks in total.

Thank you to our volunteers, and to everyone who bought a brick!

Wednesday 25 July 2012

New Building: Week 19 - Second floor

Some views of the second floor of the new accommodation block. Further down you can see a hole being cut into the roof of the old Parish centre, now that the heigh of the new building is starting to overtake the old. (That's where the staircase to this floor will emerge.)

So once this floor is done, there's only one more to go!

Thursday 19 July 2012

New Building: Week 18 - Taking in the views

The ceiling has been put in on the first floor bedrooms.

Here is a view standing inside one of the new rooms.

And here's the view through the window.

Wednesday 11 July 2012

New Building: Week 17 - Digging Holes and Climbing Ladders

On the top floor of the Parish centre, in the corner of the future library, there is a hole.

Here's what you'd see if you were to look down it:

You can see all the way down to the ground floor, and beyond:

This hole is the lift shaft, which will provide access to the library and to the accommodation block.

In the next picture, you will see a now familiar view of the former site of the staircase. If we climb that ladder...

...we come to a new doorway...

...and bedrooms 1 and 2 of the new building. The concrete blocks are at their full height...

...we're just waiting for the bricks to catch up on the outside!

Friday 6 July 2012

New Building: Week 16 - First floor

A preview of the first floor bedrooms:

The building is taking shape from the outside:

And a door has been knocked through to the old staircase of the Parish centre: