Monday 13 August 2012

New Building: Weeks 21 and 22 - On the third floor

Let's go on another tour of the building site. If you can imagine going up the old staircase to the fire escape on the upper floor of the Parish centre, then you would see this view, standing in the doorway:

Going up that temporary staircase made of scaffolding (careful to avoid the big steel girder which by now is holding up some part of the building) we emerge on the newly ceiling-ed second floor. (We've just come out of the dark hole in the wall on the far right. We had to duck.)

So that's where another two bedrooms will soon be. Going up further, we come to the third floor:

That's as high as things got in Week 21. On the other parts of the site, we can see a new steel lintel across the old window (soon to be French windows) of the ground floor going in. The old one wouldn't have been able to take the weight of the library!

Work has also continued on the new lift shaft. This is the ground floor seen from the first floor.

Into Week 22 now, and the outer casing of the lift shaft is halfway up the ground floor:

And to finish off, some views from inside the third floor bedroom:

...and a bonus one from Pierre Victoire on Little Clarendon Street! (Notice how well the new building blends in.)