Friday 24 August 2012

Dedicated Gifts - a clarification

The press has been showing interest in the dedicated sponsorship of our new building, but there seems to have been a bit of confusion that needs clearing up.

One astute observer was concerned that our showers were over-priced. (Others have shown concern that our beds will be too cheap!) We would like to take the chance to reassure everyone by explaining that the sponsorship prices are nominal costs. The prices are high because the sponsorship costs cover hidden expenses such as archaeology, planning permission, architect's fees and the large costs of building on a constricted site with difficult access. The new bedrooms for the community are being built to simple, modern standards, without ostentation or luxury. We also took several tenders for the work and have opted for the cheapest one.

For an easy comparison, a nearby Oxford college recently built a new accommodation block for 70 students. It also includes a new library and other common facilities for them to use. It cost £35 million in total. That works out as £500,000 per student.

By contrast, our new building, which also includes a new library and rooms for parishioners, works out at about half as much per room on average. And then we are only asking for £70,000 in sponsorship per room — an absolute bargain!

Please also remember that the new bedrooms are a necessity — we have young men interested in joining our community and nowhere to put them! Without new rooms, we would have to turn away potential vocations for several decades.