Monday 23 April 2012

New Building: Week 6 - Asbestos and Stairs

Here is a view of the finished foundations, complete with drains.

There was some asbestos left in the building that had to be taken out. In the papers that were cleared out of the Parish centre before the work started, we have just discovered the health and safety report that said the asbestos had to be put in!

The stairs of the Parish centre have been chopped off half way down at the bend in the staircase. The new staircase, which will lead to the accommodation, will go in a straight line, coming out to a new, separate doorway next to the entrance to the Parish centre.

Meanwhile, the temporary partition in the upper room has been taken down. It was previously a storage room for the overflow from the sacristy and library. This is where the librarian's office will be in the new library.