Wednesday 26 September 2012

New Building: Week 28 - Roof

The new building's roof structure is all in place. In a few weeks, it will all be covered, tiled and weather-proof. Once that's done, work on the inside of the building can start, and then we'll be finished in no time at all! (Well, early next year isn't too far away…)

The new entrance to the private section of the new building — the front door to the bedrooms — has been built. Here are views from outside and in:

The new Parish office has a new floor, or at least the insulation that goes underneath the final floor. We're told that it's so efficient, you can't sit on it directly for long without things getting uncomfortable!

The lift shaft continues to grow…

And this is as good as the view is ever going to get. You can just glimpse the famous spires.

Just for fun, here's the full view (click it to enlarge):